We The Taxpayers  (Facilitator's Guide)

We The Taxpayers (Facilitator's Guide)

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We the Taxpayers: An Interfaith Conversation (Facilitator's Guide)

We hope that this tool will help you as a facilitator effectively guide participants through learning about interfaith principles for economic justice, the structure of our current tax system, and how to raise our voices for more just taxation as people of faith.

This tool includes lesson plans for 6 one-hour sessions, which can be delivered at the pace which is most convenient for your group. You may choose to use Lesson One as a stand-alone piece to summarize and preview the curriculum. Most lessons include a short video, and each lesson includes a lesson plan and notes for the facilitator as well as participant handouts. The videos are available on DVD as well as online.

All the sheets that participants will need to complete the activities are included. 

At the end of the facilitator’s guide you will find several additional resources. First, we have included a selection of prayers, blessings, and sacred texts from a variety of faith traditions that can be used during the opening and closing reflections in each lesson. There is also a glossary of tax and tax-related terms that may be helpful as you move through these discussions. Finally, the sources for this work, as well as further reading on the topics of faith and taxes are listed in a bibliography.